TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV)– The Terre Haute Humane Society took in 20 animals found in an abandoned building on Tuesday. 

Among the animals were 13 puppies, estimated to be about a month old, three adult dogs and four cats. Foster coordinator and adoption counselor Madeline Brown said the animals were clearly malnourished.

“We got a call from city animal control that they found over 20 animals in an abandoned house, all in really horrible shape. Also, another issue was the mothers were so emaciated that they can’t feed their puppies, either,” she said.

The call came around noon on Tuesday, and Brown said the staff quickly got to work to prepare for the influx in animals.

“We made sure the animals could get over here safely with all the city animal control vans and trucks and everything like that,” she said. “We made sure we had kennels prepared for them, warm blankets and things like that. We got fluids ready, medicine for them. and B-12 shots to boost everyone’s immune systems.”

According to Brown, they already have around 200 dogs and 100 cats, which is over capacity. As a result, they had to get a bit creative with their space to accommodate the new arrivals.

“We try to manage it the best we can because obviously the animals need the care that they need, we’re here to provide that,” she said. “The puppies are currently in our cat isolation room, since we didn’t have any space in our dog isolation room, they’re now in cat isolation. It just adds a little bit more work, especially to medical staff and things like that, but we’re definitely able to manage it.”

Brown said anyone looking to help can donate things like old towels, sheets, bowls and food. Wednesday also marks WTWO’s annual Tail-A-Thon event helping raise money for THHS.