TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – The 16th Annual Terre Haute Firefighters Recognition and Commendation dinner was held Wednesday evening with several local first responders receiving awards.

Captain Darrick Scott received the Firefighter of the Year award and Firefighter Gregory Dammann was named Paramedic of the Year. Lieutenant Nathan Surma received the Fire Chief`s Exceptional Service award.

Lieutenant of Terre Haute Fire Department Jeffrey Mason said working with his team has been life changing to him.

“I work with my heros. I was that kid that wanted to be a fireman. I wanted to slide down the pole when I was 5-years-old. Now here I am you know, years later I get to do that. Not only that, but I get to be surrounded by people that I absolutely 100% respect and look up to,” Mason said.

THFD award and commendation recipients include:

Honorable Discharge Awards: Captain Russell Feuquay, Captain David Simpson and Firefighter Jeffrey Hodges

35 Years of Service Award: Firefighter Richard Gallagher

30 Years of Service Awards: Captain Brett Doan, Captain Donald Milner, Firefighter David Euratte, Captain Howard Stott, Firefighter Larry Akers, Battalion Chief Fred Hamblen, and Firefighter Butch Auler

20 Years of Service Awards: Firefighter Erik Dilg. Firefighter Kenneth Ladd, Captain Daniel Smiddy, Firefighter Donald May, Firefighter Jaime Kempf, Firefighter Michael Likens, Firefighter Aaron Swayze, Firefighter Jessica Barbee, Captain Stephen Kane, Firefighter Brock Marietta, Lieutenant Floyd Mason, Firefighter Matt Holbert, Firefighter Brian Harper, Firefighter Charles Karr, and Firefighter Michael Dammann

Educational Achievement Awards: Firefighter Wesley Key (Associates Degree in Fire Science) and Firefighter Brenton Lloyd (Bachelor of Science in Criminology).

Martin Laffey Awards: Captain Jason Kane, Firefighter Brian Harper, Captain Robert Malone, Firefighter Jarred Rankin, and Firefighter James Harrah

Honorable Service Awards: Firefighter Diana Price and Firefighter Jarred Rankin

John Boland Awards: Firefighter Wesley Key, Firefighter Allen Elmore, Captain Jay Umbaugh, Lieutenant Chris Overpeck, Firefighter Sam McClain, and Firefighter Jeff Monroe

Lifesaving Awards: Firefighter Jeremy Peter, Firefighter Lucas Puckett, Firefighter Wes Key, Firefighter Matt Smith, Firefighter Stacey Elmore, Firefighter James Likens, Captain Brian Bedford, Firefighter Kyle Osborne, Firefighter Zackary Herron, Captain Kent Baumgartner, Firefighter Sam Switzer, Lieutenant Mathew Osborne, Firefighter Robert Cornell, Firefighter Jessica Boyle, Firefighter Zackary Herron, Firefighter Gregory Dammann, Firefighter Zachary Birdsong, Captain Stephen Kane, Firefighter Richard McKanna, Firefighter Hunter Barnes, Captain James Kempf, Firefighter Brian Harper, Firefighter Ian Kull and Firefighter Matthew Smith

Valor Award: Firefighter David Euratte and Firefighter Justin Tallman