TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV)– The 2023 budget for the Terre Haute Regional Airport decreased around 10% due to unexpected costs related to the circuit breaker.

Financial manager Kelsey Veatch said estimates for the circuit breaker were about 70% higher than in previous years, totaling about $532,000.

“We had to take that information and kind of go back to the basics, to the necessities this year, what we’re going to being putting in the budget for 2023,” she said.

The airport’s board of directors finalized the budget in a vote on Wednesday. Veatch said they had to make adjustments to several departments as a result.

“We cut our marketing budget down a little bit,” she said. “We tried to reduce kind of evenly, amongst the different departments.”

Veatch said she was uncertain what caused the higher price point, but several maintenance projects would also be put off as a result.