TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — It’s a time of year that’s often filled with excitement and lots of smiles, but for some, this Christmas is difficult.

It’s especially tough for Mandy Allen. Her dad, Rob Teague, has a brain tumor.

“He is the most caring, most loving, most gentle individual you will ever meet,” said Mandy Allen.

She worries, this Christmas will be his last.

“He has what’s called glioblastoma multiforme grade 4. There is no cure,” added Allen.

According to Allen, Teague became her dad 20 years ago. He and her mom started dating when Mandy was a freshman in high school.

“He took me under his wing from day one,” smiled Allen.

But now, it’s Allen offering the extra support. Teague underwent treatment for brain cancer, until there were no more treatments to try.

“Right now, he’s on hospice and they told us that we’d be good to make it through the holidays. He’s stable right now, I think he’s going to make it, so praise God there, but that’s where we are,” said Allen as she teared up a bit.

To add some brightness into this family’s lives, a friend nominated Teague for a contest sponsored by Zeigler Outdoor Services. The company choses someone and decorates the outside of their house for free as a way to give back.

“This one was just very near and dear to some of our hearts, so we decided to do this for this family to give them a little joy this year,” said Dawn Johnson, who works in marketing for Zeigler Outdoor Services.

While Teague was too ill to speak to us, Allen said the kindness of the decorations is much appreciated.

“I think it’s brought him joy in what could be a very dark season. I think it’s brought a little light to our family and we are thankful for that,” stated Allen.

The owners of Zeigler Outdoor Services sent the following message to the Teagues.

To the Teague Family,

We want you all to know that when we heard about your family, we wanted to spread some light during the holidays for you all! We told our Team that we wanted to make this very special for your family and light your world up! We both would love to be there tonight. We hope your Family has a Blessed Christmas!

Dustin & Rose Anna Zeigler & Team