TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV)– One Terre Haute organization brought back a September tradition on Sunday as they hosted a candlelight vigil to honor those who have died by suicide in recent years.

The event comes on September 10th, which marks World Suicide Prevention Day. Family members and loved ones were on hand to hear the names of over 150 people who have died by suicide.

Christina Crist, the executive director of the organization, said it’s an emotional but impactful night for those in attendance.

“For me, I can’t speak for all the people because it resonates different things for different people, but for me to hear my loved ones name, and to see the faces of survivors in our community that we get to serve, when they hear their loved ones name and their eyes light up,” she said. “Whether they well up with tears or not there is a moment where they just light up. And I can’t even explain that.”

Crist said similar events take place across the globe each year, and she hopes it can serve as a beacon of hope for those struggling. She encouraged community members to always show compassion to others.

“Our resources are tapped right now. Mental health resources, we don’t have enough providers,” she said. “Sometimes, it’s just as simple as us humans and community members checking in on our people. People need our time, they don’t need our dollars, it’s just as having a conversation and giving somebody your time.”

Team of Mercy will hold a bingo social event in Vermillion County September 21st.