SULLIVAN, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – The Sullivan County Redevelopment Commission deferred action on the ‘Turtle Creek’ solar project’s tax abatement recommendation at its meeting on Wednesday.

SCRD President Deann Talley said that the commission still has questions regarding land agreements between land owners and Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions.

“There’s a lot of question on the project area being a definite area to be made into a project revitalization area,” Talley said. “Because some of the land owners are still being signed.”

Going forward, Talley said that the commission would reconsider the tax abatement request once the necessary changes have been made.

“We would like to have a more definite list to know exactly where that area is going to be so the project boundaries are more known this time before we make that recommendation,” Talley said.

Action taken by the SCRD would be preliminary. Talley explained at the meeting that, if approved, the tax abatement recommendation is a signal of Duke Energy Sustainable Solution simply being eligible for a tax abatement request. This would not be an official Tax Abatement approval. Any official action would need to be taken by County Commissioners or the County Council

Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions Business Development Manager Isaac Leuthold said that he’s looking forward to working with county officials to move the project forward.

“We’re happy to discuss the project with the redevelopment commission and look forward to working through any community concerns and any elements that we need to move the project forward,” Leuthold said.

Talley said that it’s unlikely that the SCRD will act on this tax abatement request this year.