TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – The Swope Art Museum helped welcome all of the new members of the four universities in the Wabash Valley.

They wanted to show these people that Terre Haute has a good quality of life.

Fred Nation is the executive director of the Swope Art Museum, and he explains how important that is.

“Institutions like the Swope Art Museum, The Terre Haute Symphony, The Terre Haute History Museum, The Terre Haute Children’s Museum, all of our museums really help on the quality of life. These are reasons why we can attract people to come here, and as importantly, keep people here for the long haul.”

Getting people to stay in this area is the goal of many community leaders. The universities play a big role in doing this.

Kelsey Bogard is an Indiana State University alumnus that is now an assistant professor there, and she talks about how ISU gave her opportunities to grow.

“I enjoy my time in Terre Haute at University. I had many opportunities to volunteer in the community as well. I love to be able to work and support the children here.”

As the city of Terre Haute continues to improve, so do the people that live there. Bogard has one final message for anyone that is looking to make the move to Terre Haute.

“I think the city of Terre Haute has great promise. I think that it’s growing. With my experience bring able to grow professionally, I think the city of Terre Haute is ready for that change, positive change, in the community.”

The Swope Art Museum will hold its 79th annual Wabash Valley Exhibition in November.