SULLIVAN, Ind. (WTWO/WWAV) — Sullivan Middle School (SMS) students learn hands-only CPR and get certified to ‘Stop the Bleed’ during health class.

Sullivan County Community Hospital (SCCH) teamed up with the school to offer this important training. Instructors hope that by introducing this to the kids, they can become helpful bystanders in case of an emergency.

Kathy Elliott, PE & Health teacher at SMS said, “They are trained instructors and they come to oversee and instruct the class.”

Director of Education at SCCH, Janis Hughbanks told students that minutes count. A person severely bleeding can bleed to death in as little as five minutes.

SMS health students learn lifesaving skills to become helpful bystanders

“We want all people across the world, but especially the United States to learn how to control bleeding. Bleeding is the number one preventable cause of death after injury. So, the more bystanders that know how to provide compressions, packing if needed, or use a tourniquet can make the difference between life or death.”

The purpose of ‘Stop the Bleed’ is to prepare bystanders so they will be able to recognize and attempt to stop life-threatening bleeding.

Hughbanks said that the students will earn a certificate upon completing the program.

“They will get a certification showing that they have learned by sitting in the classroom portion of the ‘Stop the Bleed’ and they’ll actually do hands-on skill of providing compression, packing a wound, and applying a tourniquet,” Hughbanks added.

Organizers say that bleeding is the number one preventable cause of death after injury. With ‘Stop the Bleed’ training, they hope that more bystanders will be able to step in and make the difference between life and death.

SMS student, Kane Thompson said this training could potentially come in handy.

“I think it will help me be a better citizen because I can help out if it’s needed,” he said.