SULLIVAN, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Sullivan Mayor Clint Lamb gathered friends, media, and city officials together Friday for what was said to be a special announcement.

During the gathering, the mayor explained that he had come to the decision not to run for re-election for his 4th-term.

Lamb said in his remaining 11 months in office he plans to work hard for the city and its residents to continue his efforts to better life in Sullivan. The mayor didn’t commit to what’s next for him once he leaves the position but mentioned he wants to take his family into consideration when weighing his future options.

“Having finished these three terms, it’s been the absolute privilege of my lifetime,” Lamb said.

Reflecting over his time as Mayor, Lamb said that it’s not just one project or one facet of community development. He related to the job of the mayor like putting together the pieces of a puzzle.

“Community development isn’t just one project,” Lamb said. “It’s everything. It’s the flowers on the square, to the streetlights, to the cutting the ribbons to the civic center, plaza, street paving, to the trail system that’s going to connect all of the amenities here in the city of Sullivan,” he added.

Lamb related to the job of the mayor like putting together the pieces of a puzzle. All of the pieces exist, you just have to figure out where they go and put them all together.

Looking ahead to the next 11 months, Mayor Lamb talked about the continued creation of central plaza, the continued refurbishing and revitalization of Sullivan City Park, the trail system that will connect the City of Sullivan and the Sullivan County Park and Lake.

Most importantly, Lamb talked about continuing to raise the population.

“Population, population, population. It’s everything, right? It drives small business because they need customers, it drives cities because we need citizens, it drives employers because we need employees, and when those families move to Sullivan, they bring children with and they attend the school corporation, Lamb emphasized.

Mayor Lamb pointed out that for over 37 years the city of Sullivan saw a population decline, until 2017.

Lamb said, ” We gained one citizen and then four and then 11, then 14. Where a lot of rural America’s not having that type of growth, so, to be able to see that, witness that and know that we’re that shinning city.

Mayor Lamb looks forward to the progress still to come over the rest of his term.

“Quite frankly, we have a lot of shovels to get in the ground between now and December 31st,” Lamb said proudly.

Mayor Lamb released the following statement in relation to the announcement:

When I first took office, I ran for two reasons. One was to live out my childhood dream of representing this City and the citizens of this community. The other was for my family. To lead by example and instill within them the value of community. To show them that a career is more than a paycheck and that at the end of the day, the world does not revolve around you, but instead the greater good of a community. To show them how to champion for causes and build on what you believe it.  

My passion for becoming Mayor started when I was in kindergarten. My childhood was filled with witnessing my grandparents’ passion for their hometown of Sullivan. Becoming a father further ignited this passion even more.  

These past three terms since our administration took office, we’ve witnessed something special – Sullivan Special. We’ve witnessed the awakening of a sleeping City who had once been forgotten. We’ve taken on bigger things than Sullivan has ever seen and done so with an unwavering spirit of collaboration. We’ve revitalized, we’ve progressed, we’ve championed our own people. We’ve celebrated success after success and put Sullivan’s name back on the map. We’ve done this, together.  

Today, I’ve made the hardest decision I’ve faced in my life. Today, I have decided that I will not be seeking reelection for a fourth term. My reasons for starting this journey are the same reasons I am choosing to go a different path – my family. 

I appreciate the City of Sullivan for never failing to support me, and I hope with the community’s love and support, I will continue to make you all proud. This is the hardest, most important decision of my life. I hope that you have experienced at least a little glimpse of magic here in Sullivan. The City of Sullivan will remain forever changed because this City has lived out our city motto of taking time to care.

As your Mayor, I have mourned you, celebrated your successes, and loved every single one of you. It has been the honor of my lifetime to be Mayor.   

Here’s to the next 11 months of greatness ahead, and beyond.  

Sullivan Mayor Clint Lamb

According to the Secretary of State’s website, Sullivan’s Board of Public Works director, J.D. Wilson has filed for a mayoral candidate.