WCIA drone footage captures the tornado aftermath in Sullivan, Indiana, March 31, 2023.
Footage of damage was shot on Monday, April 3rd.

ROBINSON TORNADO (EF-3, March 31, 8:58 pm – 9:21 pm)

The strongest tornado of the March 31 event in our area, this EF-3 began south of Sainte Marie in Jasper County and was initially though to have caused weak tornado damage as it progressed towards Crawford County. Once into Crawford, damage started to look associated with a stronger tornado. A pair of houses took significant roof damage and a mobile home was torn into 2 pieces and tossed around from its origin. Additionally, a tractor trailer was tossed into the side of a machine shed near Highway 15, causing the shed itself to give out. As the tornado moved near the southern extent of Robinson, it dodged the oil refinery with little room to spare. It did, unfortunately, manage to level 2 homes, leading to 2 fatalities as the tornado crossed Highway 9. EF-3 damage was finally reported as well as another fatality near Highway 1 and E 1050th Ave., knocking down the walls on the second floor of a 2-story building as well as taking out the outer walls of 2 more homes. As the tornado approached Robinson Municipal Airport, it took out hangars as well as an additional airport building. As some of these structures were made of thick steel, this confirmed the EF-3 rating. The tornado was believed to have continued until the Wabash River, exiting the area around NE Palestine, making its way to Sullivan, Indiana. In total, the tornado was estimated to have traveled 28 miles and peaked at wind speeds of 155 mph, causing 8 injuries and 3 fatalities.