SULLIVAN, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Update: Several Dairy Queens in the area have been impacted by the local strikes against Sysco Food.

Along with the location in Sullivan, Terre Haute’s Dairy Queen recently posted on social media, detailing the results of the incident.

Our delivery company (Sysco Foodservice) is on strike and we didn’t get a delivery this week! Please be patient as we are running out of our most popular items. When the soft serve is gone we will be closing until we can get the mix delivered. Thank you for your understanding and we will be back to normal soon!

Dairy Queen Terre Haute

Local Dairy Queen owners in the area are working to maintain their stores but ask for patience from the community.

Original: The Sullivan Dairy Queen is awaiting new shipments of food after the Sysco Food delivery company’s drivers went on strike Sunday.

Several workers went on strike as of Sunday evening, leading to an impact on local stores.

According to Sullivan Dairy Queen owner Brian Pirtle, they only had enough product to be open for a few hours on Tuesday morning and now they’re stuck waiting for their next shipment of food.

Pirtle said the Dairy Queen will be closed until they receive the next shipment.