SULLIVAN, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — A new pool in one Wabash Valley city made a splash this weekend.

J.D. Wilson, the director of the public utilities in Sullivan said that over 350 people came to enjoy the new pool Saturday during the new facility’s opening day.

He added that the weather coming through the area Sunday lessened the second-day crowds. It was an exciting opening weekend for the pool which had been closed for three years.

Mayor Clint Lamb said a lot of hard work and generosity went into revitalizing this space and that it will be a destination for all.

“You can host events whether it’s on a sun deck or in the pool,” Lamb said. “I can see class reunions, family reunions, and all kinds of things. There are so many opportunities and we are just scratching the surface.”

While some features are still under construction, the pool is now open for the community to enjoy.

The new pool includes features like rock climbing walls, enclosed slides, and jump buckets.