SULLIVAN, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Sullivan County’s CEO program hosted a trade show for the public to view businesses created by their students.

Students participated in a guppy tank where they showcased the business, they created throughout the school year.

Student entrepreneurs set up vendor booths to sell products and highlight their services.

Sullivan High School student, Ben Flath, said the program helped him down the right path to get his business off the ground.

“The CEO program kind of helped me, this is the person you need to contact, this is how you need to speak to them, this is how you need to show up, speak to them, shake their hand,” Flath said.

Christy Pearison, Sullivan County CEO chair said, “This program is amazing in the fact that these are students that are actually some of them are going to start brick and mortar businesses within our community, some of them are going to be online businesses. So, for our local community to support them, that’s really what they need. They need those businesses and families and community members to support them and move them forward.”

The Sullivan County CEO students meet for classes in local businesses and rely on mentors, guest speakers and sponsors to guide them throughout the process.