SULLIVAN COUNTY, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — A non-profit organization that works to feed children in need in Sullivan is in dire need of donations.

The Brown Baggers School Food Program started in Project Director Kay Brewer’s home and served just seven children, but has since grown to help 336 children across Sullivan, Green, and Clay counties. October 29 will be the program’s 13th year of service.

“We send home two bags for the weekend, one brown bag and one white bag. They know one bag is for Saturday and one is for Sunday,” says Jean Carpenter-Parsons, treasurer of Brown Baggers. “But sadly, we only have enough money for two more weeks.”

Brewer was inspired to start the program after their adopted daughter had previously experienced food insecurity and had been required to find food in dumpsters.

The organization is looking to expand and for a more stable location to operate out of. The current location is only a temporary solution and the organization has a small amount of savings to go towards a new location, but Carpenter-Parsons said that funds are running low.

“That money will absolutely be moved over to feed the kids if it comes down to that,” says Carpenter-Parsons. “That’s our FIRST priority.”

To donate to the cause, people can give monetary donations as well as non-perishable, prepackaged foods such as fruit cups, granola bars, crackers, soups, tuna pouches or cans, canned meats, Beanie Weenies, and more. Be sure to check expiration dates before donating, and please avoid donating family-sized cans. A cost of just $25 dollars a month will support a child in need. 

President of Brown Baggers Israel Brewer said even though it’s emotionally draining it’s worth seeing the happiness it brings to the community.

“When they come out they thank you. The parents thank you. And one little girl when we first started she came out and just gave us a hug, and she’s like oh thank you so much. At that point you’re like okay, this is worth it,” Israel Brewer said.

To donate, contact project manager Kay Brewer at 812-239-6090.

Project Director Kay Brewer said she’s faithful it will work out.

“I have to have faith that the good lord if he’s going to send them to us that he’s going to provide for them. There’s been so many times that our need is here and our funds are here, and it’s worked out,” Kay Brewer said.