Terre Haute, IN. (WTWO/WAWV) — The City of Terre Haute Human Relations Commission and the Terre Haute Chapter of the NAACP put on a Martin Luther King Jr. Youth Summit.

Students and community members gathered at the Booker T. Washington Community Center to engage in discussions of civil tolerance and social justice.

The new director of the Terre Haute Human Relations Commission, Amy Sanghavi, was excited for the opportunity to engage students: “There’s a great educational opportunity to spread the word and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. and we’re so excited to put it together.”

Guest speakers and mentors led discussions and attendees has the opportunity to interact with their peers on these very important topics.

“And we’re just here commemorating and learning about Martin Luther King Jr’s legacy, his work against social injustice, and we’re just spending time with the kids and educating them and doing round table discussions with them,” Sanghavi added.

The Terre Haute Human Relations Commission looks forward to continuing this program next year.