INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Sloths and snakes will be featured Saturday at the Indianapolis Zoo

Guests can get close-up and personal with the opening of two new exhibits.

The planet’s slowest-moving mammals will be in an open-air habitat that creates a tropical rainforest environment.

The renovated Deserts Dome is where visitors will find extreme snakes including the venomous black mamba.

Lewis Single, area manager of the Deserts Dome at the zoo, said, “Go ahead. Dive in the deep end and come see some snakes. They’re all behind glass, I promise. And you might get the heebie-jeebies a little bit but, at the end of your tour through this space, hopefully you’ll feel more comfortable around snakes because they are very important species and group naturally and they serve a great purpose.” 

The zoo worked for the last three years to renovate the spaces.