WABASH VALLEY, Ind. (WAWV/WTWO) – Shortages of baby formula have started to affect organizations that provide milk across the state.

While there has always been a continuous need for milk donations for many local banks, organization officials have stated they’ve seen an increased demand of inpatient and outpatient milk supplies.

Milk Bank Advancement Director Jenna Streit said the bank started to see the current baby formula shortage start to affect their milk intake last year.

“We actually started to see a shortage of baby formula start to affect the milk bank about November of last year,” Streit said.

The bank’s typical community need is 82 donors per month however, Streit said with the current formula shortage that number will need to increase.

“Our need for milk donors is continuous because our donors have a really short period of time of when they can donate,” Streit said.

Streit said the amount of milk the 40 depots locations dispensed within the past year has nearly doubled.

“When we looked at how much milk we dispensed in 2020 verse 2021, there was already 100% increase in that time period.”

Britany Phillippo is a local mom of 2 and said it was important for her to donate her milk while she had the opportunity.

“I had a huge supply of breast milk when I was first breast feeding and I donated 50 ounces,” Phillippo said.

However, Phillippo now has to use WIC Services for formula supply for her second child as her milk supply became rather limited.

“It’s great to donate or keep up a stock just in case something like this does happen,” Phillippo said. “I mean you truly never know when or if it’s going to come to a stop.”

Phillippo said many women in her community have stepped up to donate what they can.

“It’s really great to see women come together to help feed our children,” Phillippo said.

To learn more about how you can donate or help fund milk banks in your community, you can visit their website.