WASHINGTON, D.C./TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — As supply chain issues continue, elected officials look for solutions.

Republican US Senator Todd Young says conversations continue between him and the Department of Transportation and Commerce.

He says the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are operational, but a truck driver shortage is slowing down the transport.

Young is focused on maximizing service hours and getting more drivers hired.

“You can only do so much, I’m in a legislative position. If you can’t get the Executive Branch, the President of the United States to act and different departments to act you’re going to continue to empty shelves and increasing prices,” Young added.

Young also encourages to get vaccinated. While he believes vaccines are important, he disagrees with implementing vaccine and mask mandates.

“Mandates are not practical at a time with countless unified jobs and very few people being persuaded by mandates. Instead, let’s leverage those public health resources and those trusted local doctors,” He stated.

Young has been a Senator since 2017, before that he served in the House.