SULLIVAN, Ind. (WTWO/ WAWV) — The Rural Health Innovation Collaborative’s (RHIC) Mobile Sim Unit made its way to Sullivan for Sullivan County Community Hospital’s (SCCH) annual paramedic refresher course, complete with real life simulated scenarios.

Maddison Barbarick, Director of Emergency Services at Sullivan County Community Hospital, said the simulated training is unlike anything else, “They’re actually thrown into a scenario and vital signs are changing… the patient’s condition might be deteriorating. How would you react in those scenarios.”

The training is open to local Emergency Medical Technician’s (EMT) and Paramedics from around the valley.

“You may learn something here you haven’t heard for a long time,” said Matt Hill, Green County Ambulance Service and SCCH ER. “And then you know, odds are you’re going to run into it…I think it’s a great refresher.”

Topics for the course are based on the National Registry of Paramedics. Today’s lesson focused on infant and birthing emergencies.

Simulation Technologist for RHIC, Harley Owen, said, “Rural hospitals don’t have the same funding as some of the larger hospitals. It’s nice to be able to get out to them and provide them a service about how to get trained and give them these resources they might not have otherwise.”

The course offers participants the chance to earn required training hours for re-certification while providing hands-on training to improve health care in rural Indiana.