CRAWFORD COUNTY, Ill. — A $5.5 million dollar recreation center will open in Crawford County this fall.

With the help of several community partners the facility known as the Crawford County Recreation Center is possible.

The Center, while located on the campus of Lincoln Trail College is to benefit all of Crawford County.

“We are located on Lincoln Trail’s campus, so we have a heavy partnership with them. Not only with using their space but also their students, Dan McDonald, Executive Director of the Crawford County Recreation Center said. “We’ve started an internship program and so many of the recreation management kids will be working here with us.”

The facility is 36,000 square feet and includes a wellness center, a lap pool, a dive pool, three fitness rooms, a gymnasium and a child watch area.

McDonald said the Rec Center is designed for families who want to be together for activities, year-round. “Be it the wintertime in the gymnasium or the summertime maybe on the soccer field. Kids can join leagues and programs and parents can also use the area.”