SULLIVAN, Ind. — Recovery Cafe Sullivan welcomed members of the community for their soft opening on Monday, March 6, 2023.

Recovery Cafe is a love-based, peer-recovery community. A community that believes that everyone is recovering from something.

A look inside Recovery Cafe Sullivan

Manager of Recovery Cafe Sullivan, Kryslin Shelton said, “Recovery Cafe is a place for people to come in the community to feel connected to the community they are in. Recovery is anything that holds us back from being your best and truest self.”

Sullivan County leaders saw the good in what Recovery Cafe was doing in Terre Haute and wanted that same opportunity for members of the Sullivan community and surrounding areas.

Today, the doors officially opened in what they referred to as a ‘soft opening’ in Sullivan.

The goal of Recovery Cafe is to create a safe and inclusive space where personal growth, connection, and healing are accessible to all who identify as being in recovery, no matter the recovery challenge.

Dustin Mickle, a member of Recovery Cafe and a new resident of Sullivan County is grateful to have this community open closer to home.

“I’ve learned that connection is the opposite of addition. I’ve struggled for close to 20 years with addiction,” Mickle said. “If it’s anything like Terre Haute, it’s going to be great for the community of Sullivan. The meals are great, the people are great and the fellowship,” Mickle added.

Recovery Cafe Sullivan’s Model includes a school for recovery, recovery circles, sober social events, and recovery resources.

Recovery Cafe model

“I’ve been a member of the recovery circle for four months and I look forward to that every week. To be able just to talk and to be able to vent to somebody, especially to people who know what you’re going through,” Mickle said.

To support their mission of the development of the mind, body, and spirit of individuals desiring recovery, the cafe creates an environment and community committed to love, support, equality, and inclusion.

Manager of Recovery Cafe Terre Haute, Tiereny Pollard, said, “Recovery Care is open to anyone. You don’t have to be suffering from addiction to come to Recovery Cafe, everyone’s in recovery from something, whether that be trauma or mental health. We welcome everyone with open, loving arms.”

Recovery Cafe Sullivan will be opened on Mondays at 11:00 AM for the recovery circle followed by the community meal at noon. On Thursdays, they will open at 4:00 PM for a recovery circle followed by the community meal at 5:00 PM.