TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Recovery Cafe of Terre Haute celebrates one year since opening its doors and looks forward to expansion in the Wabash Valley.

When reflecting on their anniversary, Director Lindsey Skelton said, “This year has been really incredible; we have just had growth and growth and growth. Month over month. Of course, being a program focusing on helping people in recovery we don’t retain everyone, but we have retained a lot of people. Our retention is higher than maybe expected actually. And we now have over 75 members which is amazing because we started with none.”

Recovery Cafe in Terre Haute celebrating successes

Recovery Cafe’s Mission:

Make a positive impact on the local community by meeting the physical, emotional, and social needs of those seeking to connect with others through an opportunity to both be served and to serve in a profoundly compassionate environment.

Recovery Cafe

Recovery Cafe’s Vision:

Anyone who is hungry, feeling alone, or struggling in recovery can find love and compassion, and fellowship at our café. We believe that acceptance, belonging, and community are the foundation of lasting recovery.

Recovery Cafe

Members of the Cafe make a commitment to visit the Recovery Cafe every week and attend their recovery circle.

“The recovery circle, it’s the same group of people that meet every week. So, they really get close, it’s really fun, you can hear the laughter pouring out of the connection room when they come together,” Skelton said.

Tonya Cadell has been a member of Recovery Cafe Terre Haute for ten months. She credits where she is in life, to what the cafe has offered her.

“That’s what this whole Recovery Cafe is all about,” Cadell said, “It’s investing in the community, yes, but it’s encouraging each other to invest in each other, and I was like ‘that is so beautiful’ and there are so many people that need that. And that’s why I come every Friday, because I’m crushing it. I’m crushing in my life and because I’m crushing in my life, I am encouraging others to do the same,” Cadell added.

Guiding Principles of Recovery Cafe Terre Haute

Skelton said, “It’s a really beautiful place and it’s a love base community, that’s what it’s all about. Helping people just to reconnect with the love that’s inside of themselves.”

That love will grow in the Wabash Valley with the Recovery Cafe Sullivan opening on March 6th.