ROCKVILLE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – Billie Creek Village in Parke County was awarded $250,000 in READI Grant funds last week.

Those funds will be used to help restore and preserve buildings in the village in hopes of bringing in more tourism in the area.

Billie Creek Business Manager Gregg Larson said that maintenance work is being done on all of the buildings. Some of the work includes making all the restrooms handicap accessible on the property.

Larson added that he would like to modernize Billie Creek by adding high speed internet for future guests to use when visiting the property.

This year would be the first year in a while that Billie Creek should play a big role in the Covered Bridge Festival. Larson said that he’s looking ahead to the festival.

“We hope to have 40 to 50 vendors out this year,” Larson said. “This year we’ll be doing tractor rides in a loop between Billie Creek Village and Downtown Rockville.”

As the revitalization process continues for Billie Creek Village, Larson said that they’re still searching for volunteers on the site.