TERRE HAUTE, Ind (WTWO/WAWV)– A week removed from hosting thousands of attendees at the Vigo County Fair, the fairgrounds saw hundreds of cats come through the community building over the weekend.

Public Vet held a clinic to spay and neuter cats. Elijah Armendariz Peavy, a veterinary assistant with the organization, said they treated over 200 cats on Saturday and Sunday combined.

“It has been going very well we have been able to make a lot of accommodations and get a lot of animals in today that are in desperate need as well as we’re raising awareness for infectious diseases,” he said.

Armendariz Peavy said the organization worked with Project HOPE, the Terre Haute Humane Society, and Pet Friendly Services of Indiana to give financial assistance to those who need. He said need in the area has been on the rise in recent years.

“We’re trying to schedule a clinic each month to meet the demand of the people that are in need here with the animals. We are currently trying to additionally start up other units so that we can come even more frequently,” he said.

He said their goal in the community is to help raise awareness on the needs of pets, and to give people resources to help their pets.

“When we first come in to an area, the numbers that we get are usually low. but as continue to come back, we get a more steady increase in clientele. Since the pandemic, the need for veterinary care has exponentially increased, so it’s really satisfying to be able to help the community in such a way,” Armendariz Peavy said.

Public Vet will look to host a similar clinic in August.