TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – After a year of planning, the Terre Haute Pride Center is ready to open their doors downtown, as they to provide not only a safe place but also a place to receive support.

June is Pride month in which may people come together to support the LBGTQ+ community. Nichelle Campbell-Miller president of Pride Center board believes creating a safe space and help for those in this community begins with representation.

“Representation matters and being a out Bi person here in Terre Haute is scary when you feel like you don’t have a place to go,” said Nichelle Campbell-Miller. “That’s why we’re very strategic in our colors and you know our signage because we want to make sure people know that we’re a safe place.”

This new advocacy center will provide different programming such as support groups and mental health services.

“A lot of our youth experience suicidal thoughts and severe depression and that stat increases significantly when that person identifies within the LBGTQ+ community,” said Pride Center mental health director Julie Campbell-Miller.

For Nichelle, she wishes a center like this was available while she was in school.

“Being here during my undergraduate time, it would have been great to have a place to go and feel comfortable,” said Nichelle. “Being here and feeling like I can be proud to be who I am is extremely critical.”

Staff are hopeful the Pride Center can fill a need in the community.

“I don’t really have words to how much this means to me but my family and my community,” said Julie. “I think this is something natives of Terre Haute specifically have hoped for and wanted for a really long time.”

The Pride Center will have their ribbon cutting on June 4, followed by their official grand opening on Saturday.