TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — For many box stores and small businesses, Black Friday has traditionally brought in more customers and revenue. But, newfound challenges have impacted the shopping celebration.

These challenges include supply chain issues and worker shortages, on top of the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For some shoppers, Black Friday looks different.

“This is probably the slowest Black Friday I’ve seen in a while,” one customer, Diana Cox, said. “It’s busy, but not elbow to elbow busy.”

Betsy Sebastian, a Centerpoint resident, said she has noticed a new change.

“Prices are a little higher compared to some years,” Sebastian said. “It can be concerning.”

Stores like Menard’s prepared months in advance to keep up with high demand. The store’s most popular products include artificial Christmas trees and toys.

“You can just see the foot traffic coming into the store,” Manager Brian Christenson said. “We have a lot of customers coming into the stores, and we anticipated that. We’re fully staffed, everything is stocked, and ready to go.”

Christenson said the store is not dealing with staffing shortages.

“We hire employees long-term,” he added.

Retailers like Glik’s, who put a heavy emphasis on online shopping due to the pandemic, are now adjusting to a more normal shopping year.

“It is different. We are starting to see a lot more people in stores compared to people shopping online,” Glik’s manager Teuya Paulson said. “This year, I’m surprised we had this many in-store. I’m glad about that.”

Sebastian added that one of her concerns is price increases at her favorite stores.

“It seems like nothing is getting less, prices keep getting higher and higher,” Sebastian said. “I kind of have to save and watch prices this time compared to previous years.”

Adding to that, Cox said she has noticed empty shelves, but that her fear is higher prices becoming a new normal if something isn’t done.

“It hurts, it hurts bad. I don’t know how or where it’s going to end,” Cox said. “We are a one-income family and it is very concerning.”

Some stores will be extending their Black Friday deals past Nov. 26, including Menards, offering deals for the next 10 days.