PARKE COUNTY, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV)– Hundreds of history buffs made their way to Billie Creek Village in Parke County this weekend for the return of their “Civil War Days” event. 

Participants put on numerous demonstrations over the course of the two-day reenactment to showcase what life was like back in the 1860’s. Participant Bill Adams said it’s an important event to help keep the history alive. 

“We want to honor our forefathers for one, that live these hard lives that they lived. And to keep history alive for the public so we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past,” he said. 

It was the first time the village hold the event since 2015, according to participant R. Joshua McConnell. 

“I wouldn’t miss this event, along with many others,” he said. “It’s unreal to have 300 of us here for a first time event, but I think there is enough of us old-timers to remember how wonderful this place is and want to bring it back to life.”

The weekend festivities are a part of the village’s efforts to increase visitors since ownership changed hands last year. Gregg Larson, who took over as operator in 2022, said they are hoping to continue to expand. 

“Of all the events that we hold out here at Billie Creek, the that two we get the most feedback on from when we tell people we are opening Billie Creek Village again was Civil War Days and School Days, so this is half of our mission to get these old events up and running again,” he said. 

Larson said the money raised this weekend will help fund their restoration efforts. There will be a meeting regarding School Days, or field trips, on May 11th, according to the Billie Creek website.