PARKE COUNTY, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – Parke County Deputy Chris McCann shares his story of recovery after a medical emergency caused him to be hospitalized for nine days.

On July 19th after leaving the movies, 11 year veteran of the Parke County Sheriff’s Department deputy Chris McCann says he suffered a serious medical emergency.

“I was driving home and got a couple blocks away, my wife told me I was feeling dizzy and next thing she knew I was passed out over the steering wheel trying to wake me up and she couldn’t,” McCann said.

Prior to this incident McCann says he worked out and lived a mostly healthy lifestyle, but what happened on the day of July 19th led to a nine day stay in the hospital.

“They put me on a vent tube and paralyzed me,” McCann said.

While McCann was hospitalized his community and fellow law enforcement agencies showed an outpouring of support for the deputy.

Some of that came by way of putting police tape on their vehicles or outside their businesses, and donations to help with medical expenses.

“A lot of it had to with Chris as an individual and the type of person he is, and then some of it was him being an officer and just people trying to encourage our department,” said Sheriff Justin Cole, Parke County Sheriff’s Department.

After several days under the care of doctors, McCann made a speedy recovery and regained some of his ability to walk, eventually leading to his release from the hospital.

When McCann was able to go home he did so in fashion with an escort from law enforcement and first responders.

He says he is thankful for the support he has been given.

“It felt amazing to see people from all over the country just rally behind. They sent messages on Facebook, just praying for me,” McCann said.

While there are still some questions left to be answered about what exactly led to his medical emergency, McCann says he is happy to be alive.

“Doctors have told me that less than one percent of people make it through this, so I thank god that I was that less than one percent. I’m here today for my kids and my wife and family, and the community,” McCann said.

McCann says he has some upcoming follow up appointments to learn more about the medical emergency.

He also says when he makes a full recovery he does plan to return to the Parke County Sheriff’s Department.