PARKE COUNTY, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Parke County Sheriff Jason Frazier is warning residents of a phone scam operation reportedly targeting area residents.

According to a news release, Deputies have received a report of fraud where several callers over a several-hour period targeted the victim. Frazier said callers identified themselves as being from a federal court, or some form of federal law enforcement, as well as posing as representatives of the sheriff’s office.

The callers were able to cause caller ID to show that the call was coming from the same number as the Parke County Sheriff’s Office, as well as several federal agencies.

A victim was reportedly convinced to send money through phone app transfers as well as gift cards.

Sheriff Frazier included the following message for area residents;

“The Parke County Sheriff’s Office, nor any other law enforcement agency in Indiana, will request anyone to post a bond over the phone to settle an arrest warrant. Arrest warrant bonds can only be collected after a person is in custody, or there is a specific order from the court. An arrest warrant bond is never solicited by law enforcement to avoid an arrest,” Frazier said.