TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — On Monday, the world hit the grim milestone of 5 million COVID-19 deaths.

Despite this tragic number, local health officials say that hospitalizations are down, and vaccination rates are up.

Good Samaritan Hospital Chief Operating Officer Adam Thacker said that hospitalizations have trended downward in recent weeks.

“We have seen a downward trend in the number of COVID cases that are requiring hospitalizations,” Thacker said. “We’ve seen our vaccination rates increase across the county.”

Thacker cited that an increase in vaccinations in the area is the main factor for fewer hospitalizations.

“That’s had an impact in seeing less infections and less acute infections requiring hospitalization,” Thacker stated.

Not only are hospitalizations down, Thacker said that the use of ventilators is also down at Good Samaritan just months after equipment and supplies were scarce during a surge of cases in August.

“We do not have any COVID patients that are on a ventilator,” Thacker said. “We have a couple of patients that are in the ICU but they’re not at the level of care where they’re on a ventilator.”

In Vigo County, Health Nurse Andrea Craft said that the health department’s efforts in vaccinating and educating the public are proving to be effective.

“Our numbers are looking pretty good,” Craft said. “We’re seeing a lot of booster doses for Moderna right now but overall our numbers are doing very well.”

Craft said that the health department is continuing to vaccinate the public.

“First doses, second doses and boosters we’ve done over a hundred thousand doses,” Craft said.