TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WAWV/WTWO) – Gas prices have reached a record high across the state of Indiana and nationwide, according to petroleum analysts.

May 11th the national and local average sat at $4.39 per gallon. Head of Petroleum Analysis at GasBuddy Patrick De Haan said the most recent spike in gas prices comes as oil prices are on the rise.

“Prices went up to $4.39 earlier this week because the price of oil last week jumped $9 a barrel.” De Haan said. “It’s caused the wholesale price of gasoline to make a big jump up.”

De Haan said the shortage of supply and increased demand has also contributed to the higher gas and oil prices.

“Over the past couple of years we’ve lost about 5% of U.S. refining capacity.,” De Haan said.
Although De Haan said it’s difficult to predict where prices will be the next couple of weeks, he has predicted gas prices won’t be go down anytime soon.

“It’s likely that we may see another jump up before memorial day, prices may be around $4.39 or $4.49,” De Haan said.

The increase in gas and diesel prices have started to affect local organizations you may rely on.

Terre Haute Meals on Wheels Volunteer Coordinator Kelly Bennett said the organization has relied on volunteers to deliver food to those in need.

“We’re not government funded so we work off of grants and donations,” Barrett said.

However, Bennett said as gas prices are continue to rise the organization has seen the number of volunteers decline.

“Our volunteers do utilize their own vehicles and they buy their own gas all out of the kindness of their hearts,” Barrett said. “We’ve had 4 drivers step back because they couldn’t afford to fuel in their vehicle to drive the routes.”

Bennett said while they currently have 45 weekly drivers there’s been weeks she’s had to jump in to deliver meals.

“If I have someone that can’t show up I’ll take that route or one of our board members will take that route,” Barrett said. ” You can feel that in your wallet.”

Barrett said Meals on Wheels looks to seek out volunteers, if you are interested you can visit their website.