VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — The Vigo County School Board is one step closer to starting a superintendent search. Tuesday evening, members of the board spoke virtually with a representative from a national company called School Exec Connect.

The company is based in Chicago and specializes in superintendent searches. The meeting focused on several key points. Those included, organizing the input from the community, the role of focus groups, the cost of the search and comments from the public.

School Exec Connect was one of three organizations that the board is considering for the superintendent search.

“You can love this community even if you’re not from here. So, that’s why we’re looking at all of these organizations that might you know bring in talent from not necessarily our neck of the woods,” Lore said. “But if you love this place and you care about student outcomes, and you want to tell people what’s going on and be open. You’re going to be a really good candidate.”

Lore said that the cost of the search is estimated to be slightly over $21,000. School Exec Connect told the board that a recent search, it conducted near St. Louis, was over $30,000.

Once the VCSC board selects an organization to work with, it plans to have a new superintendent within five months.