TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – Over the weekend, sudden freezing rain was to blame for dozens of vehicle crashes across the Wabash Valley.

Indiana State Police Public Information Officer Sgt. Matt Ames said that law enforcement is well-equipped to respond in any bad weather situation. Despite the flurry of incidents over the weekend, Ames assured that law enforcement addressed every situation.

“We addressed everything that we need to address along with the other local law enforcement agencies,” Ames said.

If needed, Ames explained that more personnel could be used to respond if crash activity were to pick up quickly due to bad weather.

“We do the best we can do everyday with what people we have available,” Ames said. “If we need to, our District Lieutenant will call out additional personnel so that can respond to everything that needs to be taken care of.”

During bad winter weather, there are a lot of moving parts amongst local law enforcement. Vigo County Emergency Management Deputy Director Troy Ramsey emphasized the importance of communication between his staff and first responders.

“It’s extremely important to get that information out as fast as we can,” Ramsey said. “To help the guys on the road or anybody out working to try to minimize their risk.”

Both Ames and Ramsey stressed the importance of avoiding unessential roadway travels in winter weather.