FARMERSBURG, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Politicians, organizations, and political groups are reacting to the news that Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb signed Senate Bill 480 into law.

The law bans gender-transitioning care for anyone under the age of 18.

The ban will now go into effect on July 1. Trans youths already taking medication to transition would be required to stop doing so by the end of the year. The bill is expected to be challenged in the courts with the ACLU of Indiana announcing their intention to bring a lawsuit in response.

Here’s a look at some of the statements released in reaction;

Indiana Senator Mike Braun

“A child cannot consent to irreversible sex change surgery, and Indiana will no longer allow children to take dangerous drugs with long-term consequences like puberty blockers and hormone therapies in the name of extreme gender theories. These kids are clearly having a hard time, and we need to give them compassion and mental health help rather than dangerous, un-tested, unapproved drugs and irreversible surgeries.”

Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita

“Signing the bill that protects our children from irreversible and damaging decisions was the right move by the governor. Banning these experimental procedures is critical for the health and wellbeing[sic] of future generations. My office is thankful for the General Assembly’s hard work to ensure this got across the finish line. We are ready to defend it in court.”

ACLU of Indiana Executive Director Jane Henegar

“This is a devastating development for transgender youth in Indiana and heartbreaking for all of us who love and support them. Indiana politicians continue to fail trans youth, so it is up to each and every one of us to rise against their ignorance and surround these young people with strength, safety, and love. In addition to targeting an already vulnerable group, this law blatantly disregards the rights of parents and families to make decisions about their children’s health. The ACLU is dedicated to overturning this unconstitutional law and is confident the state will find itself completely incapable of defending it in court.”  

Planned Parenthood Alliance Advocates Director LaKimba DeSadier

“This is a dark day in Hoosier history. How dare Gov. Holcomb and the elected leaders of this state turn their backs on trans kids. Allowing SB 480 to become law is a devastating blow to the people of Indiana and their access to life-saving care. Gender-affirming care for youth is safe, common, and life-saving. SB 480 is an atrocious, stigmatizing, and medically unjustified political move not representative of Hoosier values. To our trans community: SB 480 will not erase you. We see you, we love you and we will never stop fighting for you.” has reached out to Congressman Larry Bucshon, Senator Todd Young, State Representatives Jon Ford, Tonya Pfaff, Bruce Borders, and Allan Morrison for reaction, this article will be updated once their responses are received.