TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – Beginning on July 1st, Hoosiers will no longer need a concealed carry permit to carry handgun in the state.

This comes after legislation was passed at the Statehouse earlier this year, despite heavy opposition from leading law enforcement officials across the state.

However, there are still laws that prohibit certain individuals from owning handguns such as a convicted felon. Indiana State Police Public Information Officer Sgt. Matt Ames said that this will be an adjustment for both law enforcement and gun owners.

“This is an adjustment for all law enforcement officers, it’s an adjustment for the general public and for the public that’s going to be carrying the handguns,” Ames said.

This legislation will take effect just one year after Hoosiers were able to obtain lifetime concealed carry permits for free.

Sgt. Ames said that as individuals look to carry guns without permits, he suggests that one understands certain safety procedures of owning a handgun.

“We ask for those individuals to know how to handle that handgun properly and know what the safety procedures are on that handgun,” Ames said.

Top Guns CEO Steve Ellis said that he does not expect this upcoming law to have a big impact on the firearms industry. He said that Top Gun’s process of checking driver’s licenses will remain the same.

“All we’re actually looking at is your physical driver’s license,” Ellis said. “That has your picture, address and all the pertinent information that we need so we end up running a background check.”

Ellis mentioned that he hasn’t received many calls from customers about the upcoming law. He said that it could be due to people being unaware that this will go into effect next week.

Sgt. Ames said that although permits will no longer be required, ISP still encourages that you get a permit through the state.