SULLIVAN, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV)– Sullivan County Commissioner Robert Davis said he’s been keeping a close eye on the Sullivan County jail project.

“It’s more money than I’ve every put my name to in my life and probably ever will again,” he said.

Davis said progress on construction has been smooth so far on the $39 million endeavor almost four months from the day they broke ground in June. He said he received an update from the project manager in recent days, and work on the foundation is nearly complete.

“We’ve had excellent weather, so that lets them start pouring flatwork and gets them up out of the dirt,” he said. “We’re still on budget, still on schedule, starting to get a lot of the utilities laid into the property, in permanent form.”

Davis said one of his biggest concerns beforehand was potential supply chain issues, but to this point they have had no issues.

“We were asking several times, is this going to be an issue, and before, before we finally signed final contracts, we were assured by all of our contractors and subcontractors that we would be able to get what we needed,” he said.

He said he’s enjoyed receiving updates as the project goes along.

“For me, I’ve got a construction background so it’s pretty fascinating,” he said. “Most people don’t see things like this every day. I don’t see a thing of this magnitude every day, but for me I like it because I see all of the little pictures in and out. I get a lot of photos, updates and stuff that way.”

Davis said no decision has been made yet on how to use the old county jail building. He said current plans are for the new jail to be open in late 2023.