WEST TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Multi-million dollar investments are coming to West Terre Haute and the nearby wetlands.

Duke Energy will remove seven transmission towers in the Wabashiki and strip down inactive electrical lines.

The remaining towers will have the tops cut off by a helicopter and three nesting platforms will be built to accommodate bald eagles and osprey.

In recent years, bald eagles have made a resurgence across Indiana. There were 350 nesting territories in 2020, which helped take the bird off of the list of ‘Species of Special Concern.’

Locally, bald eagles have flocked to the area due to a cleaner river and wetlands.

County Park Superintendent, Adam Grossman, said it is a priority to invest in wildlife.

“To be able to take people from downtown [Terre Haute] down the Wabashiki around the loop is an opportunity for this community that a lot of other communities don’t have. We really want to invest in that,” Grossman said.

West T has been at the focus point of recent investment and infrastructure improvements, including new businesses, a walkway connector, and a new medical center.

Rick Burger with Duke Energy, said this project has been in the works for several years and a finish line is in sight.

“We’re going to continue to do this. This is a destination as Adam [Grossman] said, but it’s going to become more of a destination,” Burger said.

On the week of July 11, West Terre Haute residents will work notice letters from Duke Energy. Due to helicopter activity being present in the area during construction, anyone with nearby livestock and/or horses that may be sensitive to the hovering activity is asked to contact Duke by phone or email.

At times, both National Avenue near North Macksville and the walkway will be closed due to construction.

“The opportunity for our community can’t be overstated here with Duke Energy to improve our community every day,” Grossman added.

Construction will begin in August with a projected completion date of September 2022.