VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Three remaining candidates in the search for the Vigo County School Superintendent met with the school board for intensive second-round interviews this week.

“They were 90-minute segments, and each candidate was asked to come and bring us a 30-minute presentation,” said Amy Lore, President of the Vigo County School, Board. “We gave them some parameters, things that we were interested in hearing from them,” she added.

Following the presentations, the board was given an hour to talk with each candidate.

“We had some questions that were consistent throughout, but they were really more organic conversations, a little less formal, and specific to the candidate,” Lore said. “I am so happy to say that we have really outstanding candidates,” she added.

Lore says the next step in the process is site visits and reference calls on each candidate.

“The hope is to just see them in their element, and you know, talk to people who know them.,” she said. “And just really get a solid and hopefully unanimous path forward,” she added.

Lore said the next two weeks are critical in the selection process.

“We want our new superintendent to be on the job, in the seat July 1st and we have to work backward from there,” Lore said. “You know, “There are requirements, how long the contract has to be in front of the public before we can actually make the hire and do the paperwork. So, we have to be aware of all of that stuff,” she added.

The school board has chosen not to release the names or details of the candidates. Lore said this is a common practice.

“We have to be able to respect those people {the candidates} so that we attract the best candidates,” she said.

When it comes to pay, Lore said that the board has to pay attention to what the market is telling them.

“We are one of the largest school districts in the state of Indiana. And it’s a big job,” Lore said. “And so, we have to offer a contract that is going to help us retain a high-quality candidate. What we offer is something that is going to allow us to have the best possible candidate while also maintaining our budget,” she added.

The Indiana School Boards Association continues to assist the Vigo County School Board throughout the process.

Lore also said she is grateful to Tom Baletevicz for stepping up as the interim superintendent during an incredibly difficult time.

“He has our deep respect and gratitude of every single board member. But moving forward we have opportunities,” Lore said. “Everybody on the school board right now is optimistic,” she added.