Senate Enrolled Act 560 will bring big change to this year’s election. Not only will it mean more hands on the ballot, but getting the results may take some time.

New requirements with Indiana House Bill 560 will make absentee ballot counting longer than usual.
“Another portion of the law is we can’t run those ballots until 6:00 in the morning on election day. Whereas, before you had the electronic ballot that had already been inserted the OVI machine and then counted,” said Brad Newman, Vigo County Clerk.

The law also requires initials on every ballot…Which means more hands on deck.
“Every ballot is going to be touched again by a different set of people…Republican and Democrat. Essentially it’s going to be a pretty substantial cost because we have to hire two people at every voting center.”

In order to get ahead of any possible problems, and to get results out faster, multiple mock elections will be held through the summer.

” It’s not just opening envelopes and counting ballots. It’s a whole process,” says Chief Deputy Clerk Leanna Moore.

The change in the voting process is not expected to have a major financial impact on Vigo County or taxpayers.

Voters in Vigo County will have the opportunity to vote for the casino referendum and Terre Haute voters will choose a new mayor.

Information on voter registration can be found here.