TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – A local military hero named Jarid Clapp received an all-terrain wheelchair at Griffin Bike Park Friday.

The wheelchair was gifted on behalf of a national military support organization called Freedom Alliance. Freedom Alliance provides charitable contributions to be able to honor and support wounded and disabled veterans like Clapp.

Jarid Clapp was deployed to the northern part of Iraq in 2007 and 2008. During his deployment he rode in a 10-foot vehicle that became compromised, in which he made the decision to jump off the vehicle. Injuries followed him years later.

Clapp has also been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

“MS is slowly making me a prisoner in my own body,” Clapp said. 

However, Clapp didn’t want his health to take away from the activities he loved to do that the most.

August of 2021 he applied to the Freedom Alliance for a track chair.

“I knew the track chair would allow me to enjoy all the activities I used to enjoy growing up,” Clapp said. “I can be out in nature, I can go out on trails, and I can go fishing.”

Freedom Alliance President Tom Kilgannon said the organization has gift almost 60 wheelchairs of this kind.

“The chairs allow recreational rehabilitation with small groups of veterans as well as emotional healing,” Kilgannon said.

Kilgannon said it’s always a good day anytime the organization can help out a veteran.

“To be able to say thank you for your service and bless you is what we are all about,” Kilgannon said.

Clapp was very excited to be gifted this customized chair.

“I’m floating on a cloud right now, it’s almost unreal something like this exists,” Clapp said.

Founder of Griffin Bike Park Gene Griffin said it was an honor that Clapp and Kilgannon wanted to host the gifting at his park.

“Jared is one of those special young men that gave his life in a sense to our country and to his freedom,” Griffin said. “That’s what the park is all about, turning a families loss into a state’s legacy.”

For information on how to support either Freedom Alliance or Griffin Bike Park you can visit their websites.