TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Laura Burdick is an example to never give up on your passion, no matter what.

Three years ago, she was struck by a drunk driver while on I-94, leaving her paralyzed. She has never let this accident stop her from doing what she loves to do– make people happy and healthy through yoga.

Her love of children sparked the idea to have a yoga class specifically for kids. On Saturday, Burdick hosted dozens of kids around the community for a yoga class. She expressed that she loves being able to introduce children to these types of activities.

“I love seeing them take on new challenges. I love being a catalyst for watching people take on new challenges. The best time to start that is when you are a kid. I enjoy events like this where I can be in front of kids and get them to try new things and open up new doors for them that they for things they may have not experienced otherwise,” said Burdick.

After hearing about her journey, the Vigo County YMCA wanted to give her a platform to share it. They saw this as an opportunity to show the kids of this community that anything is possible.

Nicole Fry is the executive branch director for the organization, and she expresses how impactful Burdick’s story can be for these kids.

“Seeing Laura and seeing all of the obstacles that have been thrown her way. Her being able to overcome that and being able to visually see her and lead this, I think would be able to take away any of the roadblocks out of those kiddo’s heads if they were to ever face any challenges in life,” said Fry.

Burdick’s mission is to express to people that they can achieve anything despite how quickly things can change.

“In the blink of an eye, you need to decide that you are going to determine your purpose in life and mission. You don’t have to have tragedy happen to you to do that. You can do that right now and you can tackle things because you are capable of doing that,” added Burdick.

Burdick was also the keynote speaker for a gala that was hosted by the Vigo County YMCA.