INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Do you have Medicaid? A proposed law would audit the costs of your prescription drugs with the hope of keeping those costs low.

The Senate bill would require the Attorney General’s office, or an appropriately qualified independent auditor to conduct an audit of Medicaid drug costs.

The auditor would examine cost sharing, spread pricing, discriminatory pricing and more.

The results of the audit would then be shared with the Indiana legislative council. The initial audit would be looking back over the previous five state fiscal years.

The bill passed out of committee Thursday.


Proper precautions are needed to defend a home or business against a fire, and one bill written this session aims to make sure the best people for the job are conducting fire inspections.

The Senate bill specifies that a certified fire inspector needs to be the one to conduct any inspections. If a person is certified, but doesn’t work with a fire department, they need at least three years of experience.

The legislation also requires new construction of an animal facility to have a fire alarm system or staff on duty any time a dog or cat is present.

The bill passed out of committee Tuesday with amendments.


Another bill that has passed out of committee creates incentives for developing solar and wind energy projects.

The Senate bill would establish a center to certify counties or municipalities as commercial solar energy and/or wind energy ready.

The legislation also establishes an incentive fund for communities and project owners who develop these commercial energy projects.

A requirement for certification will apply to those communities and project owners over the span of the 10 years during which they will receive partial funding from the state. $10 million would be appropriated from the state’s general fund to fund these projects the next fiscal year and the fiscal year after that.

The bill passed through committee Thursday.

For a full list of bills proposed at the Indiana Statehouse this session, visit the Indiana General Assembly’s website.