TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Terre Haute mayor-elect Brandon Sakbun is discussing the next steps after his election victory earlier this week.

On Thursday, we sat down with Sakbun to learn more about the transition to his administration.
As we’ve reported, Sakbun defeated current Mayor Duke Bennett in Tuesday’s municipal election.

The Democrat won with 60% of the vote over Bennett’s 40%. Now, Sakbun said they’re in the process of finalizing a transition team. He also noted there will be two committees during this process.

A political advocacy committee will focus on out-of-city relationships such as with the state legislature, federal government, and other stakeholders. Meanwhile, there will be a second committee focused solely on the transition.

“It’s a great mix. People with a strong financial background, not-for-profit background, some folks with some political experience as well but it is just a volunteer transition team to assist with that hand-over and I really want to add Mayor Bennett has been nothing short of supportive, especially the last 48 hours, a true testament to his professionalism and dedication to helping the people of Terre Haute so really want to commend him on that,” Sakbun said.

Sakbun also said he got a phone call from Vice President Kamala Harris and that they had a great conversation about the potential of the Midwest and cities like Terre Haute.