ROBINSON IL., (WAWV/WTWO)– The Robinson police department is prepping for new training this September to help officers detect driving under the influence of marijuana.

Sergeant Dan Strauch, who is also a drug recognition expert, said the department is inviting cannabis experts to come train their officers on more efficient ways to investigate D.U.I. cases

He said the state still needs to inform officers on how a drug test will be administered to a suspected driver, and let them know the legal limit for it as well.

Strauch said until Jan. 1, officers in Illinois will still make arrests for the use and transportation of marijuana, and will always make arrests for driving under the influence.

Public information officer for the Indiana State Police, Trooper Matt Ames, said protocol will not change on drug tolerance once drivers cross the border.

If someone who goes over to the state of Illinois and they purchase drugs legal over there, they’re allowed to use it over there; however, if they come back to the state of Indiana and they still have it in there possession… they will be arrested for that violation.”

Trooper Matt Ames

The Illinois State Police sent a press release stating that their troopers will also be training for the new legalization law going into effect in less than 6 months.