PUTNAM COUNTY, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Law enforcement officers in Putnam County, Ind. went on a five mile search through Cloverdale, Ind. on Monday while looking for and eventually locating a lost handgun.

According to a Facebook Post from the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department, Corporal Brian Helmer took a call Monday of a lost handgun. The post said the gun owner told Helmer he had placed the gun on the hood of his car Sunday night and forgot about it being there.

The post said the owner then said he got into the same vehicle Monday morning and began driving to work, not seeing the Glock handgun still sitting on the hood. The Glock clung to the vehicle for over five miles, the post said, before it finally went flying off into a ditch.

Putnam County Deputies, Cloverdale Officers and Cert Team members began searching the area. After five hours searching the area, the handgun was located.

The Facebook post read: “Why did we spend so much time? Because it’s a gun! What if it had landed in a residential area? What if a child had found it? What if a criminal had found it?”

“We can’t, in good conscience, leave until we find that gun,” Helmer said. “What if a kid finds it?”