Local woman who tested positive for COVID-19 shares her experience

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TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) -A local woman who tested positive for COVID-19 shares the impact of the virus.

Terre Haute resident, Lauren Dulay, says just under two weeks ago she began to feel sick but at the time thought it could just be allergies.

“That’s kind of how it started. I had a little bit of nausea and I started to get some post-nasal drip, a little bit of a runny nose,” Dulay said.

Dulay says three to four days later she started to feel her symptoms progress.

“I came down with body aches and this was like flu kind of body aches, where you don’t really want to move that much and just tired, then my fever spiked,” Dulay said.

She was tested for the flu but when those results came back negative, she decided to undergo more tests.

Days after being swabbed for COVID-19, Dulay says the results showed that she did contract the virus.

“They sent me right over to Union Hospital and they were really quick about it, I was in isolation immediately. I was never exposing myself to any other patient,” Dulay said.

After days of mild symptoms coming and going, Dulay says she is starting to feel better while under quarantine.

“Overall I feel fine, but I’m quarantined for several more days,” Dulay said.

Dulay says with a virus that can mimic other illnesses, it may be difficult to know if you have coronavirus.

That’s why she encourages people in the Valley to socially isolate, especially for those who may not recover as well from the virus.

“Most people will have symptoms like I did where they might be troublesome here and there but overall you’re pretty okay. Its not going to be like that for everyone and you don’t know who it won’t be like that for so it’s really unfair to put other people at risk,” Dulay said.

Dulay says she is at home with her husband and three children who are also quarantining.

At this time none of them have shown any symptoms of COVID-19.

Dulay says deep breathing exercises have also helped her through the battle with the virus.

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