CLINTON, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Vandalism has once again hit the city of Clinton. Now, residents and officials are looking for answers.

Less than a day after a new veterans display was completed, residents woke up to torn-down banners, broken brackets on the street and shattered glass.

It happened in the area of Pike Street and Maryland Street.

More information on the incident can be found below.

Across the city, around 150 different banners proudly display a name, pictures and branches of service of several, local veterans. It’s through the ‘We Honor Veterans” program that’s sponsored by Veterans Administration and the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization.

Through this initiative, families can request a custom, locally made sign.

The project was a collaboration between VNA, Hospice of the Wabash Valley, and the city of Clinton. But, hours after the project was done, nearly 10 banners were torn down on Clinton’s Northside.

One of those honored was Verinda Leonard’s husband, a 12-year Army Veteran.

‘We took the money [for the banner] out of our pocket. Why would someone damage it?” She tearfully asked.

A banner and bracket are valued at around $200 each. Leonard said she requested the banner because she respects the country’s armed forces.

“It’s an honor. An honor in my heart because they fought for our country,” Leonard said.

But, she didn’t even get a chance to see it before it was damaged.

“If you know who’s doing this, please come forward and tell them what they’re doing. Please, please stop it right now,” Leonard stated.

Despite the banners still being in good condition and already re-hung, some fear this may not be a one-time incident.

“My real thought is when the vandals get caught, they should pay restitution for the damage they caused. All those families wanted to do was to honor a veteran,” Trudy Rupska, CEO of VNA and Hospice of the Wabash Valley, said.

Clinton has dealt with other vandalism issues at Sportland and Riverfront Park. Since then, security cameras have been placed.

Mayor Jack Gilfoy said there are no leads in the banner investigation.

“We’re doing the best we can and hopefully we can find these individuals to prosecute them. Our attorney has our back on this, the community is upset about this situation,” Mayor Gilfoy said.

Any information, in this case, should be reported to the Clinton Police Department. Their number is 765-832-3232.