TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) —  The Ballyhoo Tavern has become a historic destination for thousands of Indiana State students, alumni, and local residents. The tavern has been serving the community since 1948 and this week is the 75th anniversary.

The walls and furniture are covered with memories of those who have visited the tavern throughout the years. Specials will be going all week to help celebrate the anniversary.

Employees of the Ballyhoo said the tavern is a part of Terre Haute’s history.

“Nice to see that it has a purpose in peoples’ lives, I guess. It makes big memories, like that’s our motto making memories that you don’t remember but a lot of people do remember those memories so it’s nice to have that impact on peoples’ lives,” Bartender at the Ballyhoo Hanna Garriot said.

It’s just great to be a part of like not the history of Terre Haute, but to come in and just like talk to alumni and they’re like wow this place hasn’t really changed much. It’s still exactly how I remember it, and they tell us all the great things they used to do,” Bar Manager at the Ballyhoo Jacob Jedlicka said.

This week’s specials will be posted on the Ballyhoo’s Facebook page.