LINTON, Ind. (WAWV/WTWO) – Linton-Stockton School Corporation is among 13 school districts in the country that have been recognized as “Lighthouse” district by the School Superintendents Association (AASA).

Linton-Stockton Superintendent Kathy Goad said the recognition means students and staff have implemented future forward tactics throughout the corporation.

“When we think about AASA’s Learning 2025 Commission Initiatives it’s really about what our country want our schools in 2025, and working backwards towards that,” Goad said.

Goad said the district implemented many of AASA’s Learning 2025 Commission Initiatives far before they applied.

“Our graduate profiles are work ready skills we’ve already had that piece in place,” Goad said. “These are skills our students can take out of here.”

Linton-Stockton High School Principal Alicia Cornelius said the high schools Connections Center is another future-focused practice for both students and staff.

“We offer collaboration booths for our student’s, a podcast area, as well as stage where they can practice public speaking,” Cornelius said.

Cornelius said the title of ‘Lighthouse District’ is new and rewarding.

“Being a Lighthouse District is new to all of us in our area,” Cornelius said. “To us this is just an opportunity to highlight the great things that have been happening around here.”

Goad said the school corporation will present its new and continued initiatives at the School Superintendents Association’s Summer Summit.