TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAVW) – There’s a new and unique effort to help rescue dogs become more adoptable while treating humans who are battling addiction.

Anabranch Recovery Center is fostering dogs from the Terre Haute Humane Society. The Humane Society will choose which dogs need the most social interaction. Then, each dog will live in a different unit in the facility until someone adopts them.

Adoption counselor, Madeleine Brown, said it’s another way to give the dogs a second chance.

“It’s really really great for the animals. If they are struggling in here to be able to get out and not be around so many dogs, and other stressors,” Brown said.

For the past month, dogs Lisa and June Bug have been living at the center, learning how to interact with the residents and giving the residents a sense of companionship.

Anabranch’s CEO, Terry Suttle, said he’s seen an impact on the residents since the dogs have been there.

“They have taken pride in one, taking care of the animals. Two, having the companionship. Three, just the experience of feeling normal again,” Suttle said.

Suttle also said he has seen the dogs come out of their shell and express their personalities.

“Lisa has become a client favorite. She likes to try to sneak off and hang out in the clients rooms as much as she can,” Suttle said. “Junebug is not as loving as Lisa, but always on the go. Likes attention.”

Anabranch and the Terre Haute Humane Society plan to help as many dogs as they can through this foster program, which also helps residents during their recovery process.

“You know we’re not gonna give up on the dogs like you are not giving up on us,” Suttle said.

Lisa and June Bug are still up for adoption. Their profiles can be found on the Terre Haute Humane Society’s website at thhs.org.